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Picture cake


Rs 3,900/-

( For 3 Pounds Cake )

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Get a fine solution to enjoy your Mini treats Lahore

As we have been proving our variety of designs and taste and flavor of cakes for a long period of time. We always have been trying our level best to fulfil your demands specially related to your special days and making them more pleasant. This time we have made a beautiful cake design specially for men which is also labelled as “Man picture cake”.  Men are usually supposed to be less expressive as compared to women. But Love and care make no difference. This is the demand of whole humanity. Their way of expressing might be different but emotions do not differ. We have made it easier to get online picture cake. Definitely men would not like to buy a pink dress doll cake for their friends. We have tried to make a wonderful addition in your events. we have designed a collection of cake designs for men. You can have a look on these best picture cakes. This cake shows your special concern for that particular friend, cousin or sibling. Help them to make their days memorable.


Celebrate your day with our collection of Man picture cake

The price of this cake may be a little bit extra than other cakes of casual routines. The reason is the us of imported food inks and food printers which cost some unusual expenses. Do not worry about its price as we try our level best to compensate our customers. Enjoy your mini treats in Lahore, Visit our online shop and let us know about your desired item and get it at your doorstep.


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