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Beautiful Dress Cake

Anniversary - Birthday - Wedding

Rs 10,400/-

( For 8 Pounds Cake )

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Ariel Cake and Belle cake designs available in Lahore

Are you looking for something special and unique to celebrate your friend’s birthday? Just show him something specially made for them. Get a wonderful design of Ariel Cake and Belle cake. Ariel cake is also available in our online cakes shop. If it is a time of your doll’s celebration, Give her a surprise. Get her a barbie mermaid cake designed in the shape of her favorite doll. Tell us her choices, we shall provide you the best sort of items.

Belle cake or Ariel cake designs are made in relation to the attachments of human feelings. Everyone feels special when something is particularly associated with him/her. If it is a special occasion for your friend, you mush ae to bring something special. It matters a lot.


Easy access to Beautiful Dress cake.

Nothing is more important than a smile on your child’s face. We come across with so many occasions in our lives where they need our attention and care. What can be the easiest solution to show you’re your love than buying a cake in the shape of their favorite character.

Baby girls are always emotionally attached to dolls and angels. Let’s make these things happen for them in reality. Ariel Cake can be the best choice. A beautiful cake along with a doll and miracle sticks, and flowers made on it must bring an amazing smile on the face of your baby doll. 

Cakes.com.pk provides you the most delicious material and wonderful designs of all choices. Flavors and designs can be of your choice, Material will be of ours. As we guarantee you the best sort of material used in it. Pick up your phone, tell us about your choices and get a wonderful piece of sweet at your home. Contact us for getting Ariel Cake and Belle cake designs at your doorstep.



Beautiful Dress Cake
This Cake have been rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
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7 Reviews

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